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With my team of caregivers, I strive to provide informed, compassionate and meticulous care to those who entrust us with providing care for their problems and concerns.  My goal is to provide outcomes that are helpful to those we serve and to protect their dignity, privacy and safety.

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                                                                      Nasal Turbinates and Rhinoplasty
It is growing season in the north so expect pollen counts to climb causing nasal congestion to increase for some individuals.
Located on the inside of your nose are six unique structures called turbinates (concha nasalis).  There are three on each side.  The turbinates are unique structures and their anatomy and location make them one of the body’s first contacts with the air we breathe.  Turbinates are designed to warm, humidify, purify and filter the air we breathe.  They are also vasoreactive.  Turbinates can expand their size and volume by increasing their blood flow.   The increase in blood flow is triggered by particles one has allergies for collecting on the turbinate’s surface.   Increased blood flow, increases the volume of those six structures.  The increase in volume decreases the ability of air to easily flow through your nose creating a stuffy feeling.  Often the enlarged turbinates will secrete additional mucous creating nasal drips and even sinus infections.    Turbinates that become enlarged and stay enlarged are often referred to as nasal polyps.   Sprays, mists, oral medications and desensitization to allergens also help.   When those modalities fail surgical reduction in the size of the polyps will help reduce blockage.   While the reduction in size may help with breathing, it doesn’t alter the individual’s allergic condition.  I often recommend removing some of the turbinate’s size during nasal surgery to change the nose’s shape (rhinoplasty) when they are excessively large.












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