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With my team of caregivers, my goal is to provide informed, compassionate and meticulous care to those who entrust us with providing care for their problems and concerns.  We stive to provide outcomes that are helpful to those we serve and to protect their dignity, privacy and safety.

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                                                             Face Lift
A question that is heard frequently relates to the type of facelift one needs, wants, or that is recommended.   There are different shapes and natural divisions of our face.  These differences vary the impact of aging on the face and impacts face lifting decisions.  Genetics, facial expression, history of smoking, sun exposure, shape of ones face as well as other factors determine the timing for facial rejuvenation with surgery.  However recent data indicates the average age for a face-lift has moved from 52 to 58.   The type of lifting techniques recommended by Plastic Surgeons could vary based on the number of variables listed.   The type procedures that are often recommended are usually related to a specific body area.   Brow lifts support the upper third of the face's forehead and frown areas.   Mid (middle) face-lifts refers to lifting the area under your lower eyelids and over the cheekbones.  Face-lift refers to lifting the entire face including the middle face.  Neck lift refers to lifting the neck area.  Middle face-lifts are helpful for deep smile lines and loss of roundness of the middle face area as it descends with time. A full-face lift is helpful when the entire face has been impacted and a broader area of skin lifting and removal is required.  Neck lifts are recommended when the neck loses its angular shape along the chin line and forms a double chin type of appearance.   So when you consider surgery for facial rejuvenation your specific skin qualities, desired changes, facial contours, facial shape, hairstyle and artistic judgments are blended into a plan individualized for you. 












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