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With my team of caregivers, my goal is to provide informed, compassionate and meticulous care to those who entrust us with providing care for their problems and concerns.  We strive to provide outcomes that are helpful to those we serve and to protect their dignity, privacy and safety.

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                             SculpSure No Surgery Fat Removal

  First! Thanks to all of you attending the Christmas Event.  It was a fantastic time for us to see all of you and catch up with your happenings and outcomes! 
   We are starting off the year 2017 with some new technology, SculpSure!
SculpSure is a laser based fat reduction system that helps reduce unwanted fat from areas that are typically difficult to eliminate, even after diet and exercise.  The method is not surgical so avoids the loss of time associated with surgery and is performed in our office. The laser energy destroys fat cells under the skin and then over a period of 4-8 weeks the body removes them and the contour change occurs.   At this time, we don’t have our own data for our patients.  However, others report that the technique can reduce one’s skin surface contour significantly without the recovery time and expense associated with liposuction.
   Please come visit us for additional information and consultation about what is the best way to rid unwanted fat for you.









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