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With my team of caregivers, my goal is to provide informed, compassionate and meticulous care to those who entrust us with providing care for their problems and concerns.  We strive to provide outcomes that are helpful to those we serve and to protect their dignity, privacy and safety.

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Skin Wrinkle Reduction and Liposuction
     A recent event triggered this blog.   A patient referred herself because following fat transfer for wrinkle reduction she felt the outcome was unsatisfactory.  She felt her lips were too large and asymmetrical and she expected a volume reduction at the site where her fat tissue for grafting was removed and none had occurred.  The first complaint centered around the skill set and abilities of the individual doing the fat injections.   The second complaint centered around the expectations of the patient based on her conversations with the care giver and the staff.
            Liposuction to remove fat and injecting it in other areas to reduce wrinkles and change the skin’s surface contour following trauma or surgery is a great adjunct to Plastic Surgery.  The amount of fat that needs to be removed varies considerably.   Below are some questions you could ask to help you understand.
            Liposuction to obtain fat for injection into wrinkles will seldom remove enough fat to see a change in volume or contour unless one has a low BMI.    So, if you are consulting for fat injection to remove wrinkles or any other contour changes ask the caregiver how much fat will be removed?  Ask will I see a change in contour or shape from that amount of fat removal?  If you want to have a contour change and the amount being removed isn’t sufficient to change your contours, discuss that with the provider.  Additional liposuction can be provided but it increases the time of surgery, anesthesia required, recovery, bruises, pain and your expectations.  So, remember to ask!  How much fat will be removed?  From what areas will fat be removed?  Will that change the contour of my body shape?  Getting answers before surgery will help prevent disappointment.   Also make sure your provider is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, it should help with the first complaint I noted above.

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